Ensure Your Office Culture Is Welcoming and Diverse With These Tips


Diversity is important to your business success. Studies from Harvard Business Review and Forbes both show that diverse company cultures help drive innovation and revenue. Why? Partly because a variety of professional backgrounds lead to an increase of creative tension—spurning new and different ways to problem solve. By diversifying your workforce, you can help your business become more successful. First you’ll need to assess your current level of diversity, and hire to improve it. Then, you can develop a corporate culture that supports diversity.

Conduct Diversity Research

You can analyze your current level of diversity by:

  • Reviewing your workplace demographics—how culturally diverse is your staff?
  • Auditing your current recruiting, hiring, compensation and training practices—do they favor one demographic over another? How can they be improved?
  • Finding measurable ways you can improve equality—for example, equalizing pay within a job title and career level.

Improve Your Corporate Culture

Your company culture is just as important as your staffing techniques to support diversity in the workplace. By keeping it upbeat, inclusive and welcoming, you’ll help improve the productivity of your workers and avoid turnover. Consider the following:

  • Encourage everyone to participate. Ideas become stronger when more than one mind offers suggestions. During team meetings, create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable joining in. It usually works to keep things light-hearted and fun.
  • Implement employees’ ideas. How can your business improve its policies and procedures? The people closest to the work probably have a few ideas about how your company can improve. So ask your staff what they think, and put their good ideas to use—always giving full credit where credit is due.
  • Keep an open-door policy and lend an unbiased ear. Stay open-minded and attentive—good leaders are always good listeners. You can learn a lot from your staff when you listen to their feedback.
  • Reward hard work. Offering incentives and perks for hard work helps improve productivity and encourage positive energy. Employees value rewards such as money, gift cards, days off, dress down, etc. Often, a simple thank you also goes a long way.
  • Request feedback—and use it. Conducting an employee survey on a regular basis lets you know how you’re doing. You can ask for feedback on company culture and how to improve diversity in your business. Always use the feedback you receive to improve your company—employees will be more willing to offer suggestions when they know they make a difference.

Do What You Say

You can support positive company culture by “practicing what you preach” and holding yourself to the same standards you expect from your staff. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace starts with the leaders of the company, and filters down throughout the entire staff.

Your Hiring Process Matters

If you’re trying to diversify your staff, it helps to seek professional staffing services. And McGrath Systems can help. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and place you with the workers you need, including IT, engineers, human resources, administration and light industrial workers. To learn more, contact McGrath Systems today!

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