Your recruiter provides a valuable boost to your career. They will work with you to understand your career goals and find potential jobs you’ll love. Plus, you’ll gain access to unadvertised positions, as well as helpful resume and interview advice. As you can imagine, this is a relationship you’ll want to treat with respect and nurture. You can do so by avoiding five mistakes when working with your recruiter.

You want to be successful in your career, and your recruiter can help. Steer clear of the following pitfalls in your recruiter relationship:

  1. Dragging your feet when returning calls. If your recruiter reaches out to you—by phone, email or through LinkedIn—get right back to them! Since they look far and wide for candidates best-suited to job opportunities and run on tight deadlines, recruiter contact means you have a very good chance of landing the job. But if you wait to respond, you may lose the opportunity and your recruiter’s willingness to work with you.
  2. Working with two recruiters at the same time. It may seem like you’re increasing your options, but you may actually be burning a bridge. Your recruiter is working hard to place you with job opportunities and takes the relationship seriously. Plus, it can confuse employers if two recruiters submit your resume for the same job.
  3. Forgetting keywords in your resume. Your resume should include keywords that pertain to each individual job posting. It helps your resume get noticed, and makes it easier for recruiters to do a quick scan and determine if you’re right for open positions.
  4. Unprofessional social media pages. Your online presence is your outlet to the rest of the world. Both recruiters and potential employers will be Googling you, and will most likely check out your social media pages. Be sure the words, images and links you share are positive and appropriate for all audiences.
  5. Dishonesty. Just be up front about your job history, experience, education, etc. With a little research, your recruiter can find out most things anyway, and it never helps you to be dishonest. The truth will set you free!

Looking for a recruiter?

You should choose one with plenty of experience and with whom you feel comfortable working. After all, your career is in your recruiter’s hands—so choose well!

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