Three Signs You/re Ready For A Management Role


Are you ready to move up in your career? In many companies, that means moving into a management position. However, becoming a manager means more than just promotion—you must possess the skills and drive that will make you a mature, professional leader and mentor of other employees. Do you have what it takes?

Moving into management requires more than just the desire to make more money or set the rules. You’ll know you’re ready to join the best and most successful leaders when:

  • You want to share your knowledge to help others learn. As a manager, you’ll be a mentor to your employees. And to move into management, you’ll need to bridge from gaining knowledge for your own use to sharing what you know to help others get better at their jobs. Maybe you’ve already begun guiding your co-workers when you can. Do you feel satisfied watching others learn and succeed from information you’ve shared? This is a sign you may be ready to join the ranks of management. 
  • You see how processes could be better. Big picture thinking allows you to take a step back and see your company as a whole—rather than just the department in which you work. If you’ve been with your organization for a little while, you may understand how different departments fit together to achieve the company’s mission and vision. Do you see areas for improvement where your department could be more efficient? Having an eye on processes and procedures is one way to know you’re ready to begin leading.
  • You’re comfortable directing work rather than working hands-on. Right now, your role may include projects and assignments where you’re doing the actual work. For example, you’re writing, creating, designing, building, etc. As a manager, your job will be overseeing the hands-on work of others—you’ll be more focused on the timeline and process than on the actual day-to-day work. Your success will be through the collaboration of others rather than on what you’ve completed as an individual—the whole machine, rather than a cog. Are you ready for this transition?

Do what’s best for you

In the end, you need to decide what job will allow you to love your career. You don’t want to stall, but you also don’t want to climb the corporate ladder if you’re not ready. Sometimes moving up is the right direction, but other times, you may decide to move across—to a different job at the same level that makes you feel happy and complete. What’s the right move for you?

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