What if you need to staff up but have budget constraints and paying 20% and even 25% is just not possible? With Direct SourceSM from McGrath Systems, you get a unique staffing option that can help you meet your growth, budget and business needs – all in one scalable program. Direct SourceSM is one of McGrath’s offered workforce solutions that provides you with a hybrid of the traditional contract/temp staffing model and direct hire services. You’ll be able to stay competitive by increasing your candidate pool without exceeding your staffing budget. Here’s how.

Direct SourceSM Services—How it Works

With the Direct SourceSM model, McGrath Systems will work with you to find the right candidate for your open job opportunity. Then, you have the option to hire the candidate immediately and bring them onboard with your company and pay hourly over a set period of time. In other words, the candidate becomes your employee, day one and rather than pay ten thousand or more you can pay the fee based on hours worked over a predetermined time frame.

What About The Associated Fees?

Direct SourceSM allows you to participate in a payment plan based on the number of hours worked by your new employee over a set period of time. You can work out the total limit with your McGrath Systems representative. With this payment model, you’ll be able to increase your workforce while having more control over your spending for longer periods of time.

Find The Staffing Strategy That Works Best For Your Business

McGrath Systems will work with you to determine if Direct SourceSM staffing—or one of our other recruiting models—is the right option for your company. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach to finding and placing talent, and will help you find the workforce solution that fits best with your unique business needs. To request more information, please fill in and submit our online form.

To Learn More

Since 2005, McGrath Systems has been placing highly qualified administrative, light industrial, IT, engineering and human resources staff with job opportunities across the country. We’ve been recognized as a top Philadelphia-based business since 2007, and we’ll help you grow your business with hard-to-find talent and flexible staffing solutions. To learn more, contact one of our experienced recruiters today.


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