How Can You Empower Employees to Take Ownership of Safety?


Safety is important for all workplaces, and especially essential for your light industrial employees. But safety practices don’t work if your employees aren’t engaged in them. The key to getting your staff on board is inspiring them to care about safety and how your established policies and procedures can benefit them. So what can you… Read more »

Interview Like a Pro: How to Connect With Your Interviewer


Interview Like a Pro: How to Connect with Your Interviewer

Lights, camera, action: Your interview is your time to shine! Your resume has fallen into the hands of a hiring manager and you’ve got what it takes. Now, your interviewer needs to determine if you’re all you seem to be and if you’ll fit well with the company. What’s your next step for a great… Read more »

How to Turn Down a Job Offer With No Hard Feelings


Saying “no” can be difficult—and awkward. By the time you’re offered a job, you and representatives from the company have invested time and possibly even money on transportation costs. Your main goal during the interview process is to convince a company you’re perfect for the position and the organization is perfect for you. So changing… Read more »