Are you considering temp employment, but are on the fence? Temporary work offers several advantages to you in your career. It can help you build up your resume, making you a top choice for potential employers. If you’re not sure whether to try a temp job, here’s what you need to consider before you make your decision.

Four benefits of temporary employment

The following are all advantages temp work:

  1. Learn new skills. Trying a variety of different assignments lets you add to your skill set. You can learn new skills on the job that help you professionally—and hands-on training can be more valuable than simply learning about something in a class or in-service. You’ll be able to pick up soft skills, as well, such as good communication and team collaboration.
  2. Develop your career. Maybe you’re not sure where you’d like your career to take you. With temporary work, you can explore new and different professional experiences. Not only will this help you expand your resume, it shows a potential employer you’re a proactive thinker with the motivation to learn and grow.
  3. Prove your flexibility. Changing jobs requires you to be agile and open to learning about a new role within a different company. By accepting temp assignments, you’ll prove you’re flexible and able to learn and adapt.
  4. Show you’re a fast learner. Often, employers look for temp workers when they need urgent help. You’ll need to “hit the ground running” by quickly learning about your new role so you can jump right in! This requires temp workers to be fast learners, which is an attractive quality to employers.

Work your network

In addition to making you attractive to potential employers, temp works helps you in other ways. First, you’ll be able to network with the professionals with whom you interact on the job. This comes in handy in your search for permanent work. Plus, many employers hire temp workers with the objective of filling a full-time permanent position. So it’s possible your temp assignment could grow into a permanent job.

Looking for a recruiter?

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