Safety is important for all workplaces, and especially essential for your light industrial employees. But safety practices don’t work if your employees aren’t engaged in them. The key to getting your staff on board is inspiring them to care about safety and how your established policies and procedures can benefit them. So what can you do?

Building safety leadership within your company

If you expect your light industrial staff to take ownership of safety precautions, you must do the same. Then, once you’ve made a commitment to “eat your own cooking,” you can lead by example with the following best practices:

  • Ask for employees’ thoughts and ideas. One of the best ways to get staff buy-in on anything is to get them involved in the decision-making process. Hold regular safety meetings and ask what they think—especially when you’re designing new safety policies or revising old ones.
  • Encourage communication. Make it a mantra for your employees that if you see something—say something. Your light industrial employees are the eyes and ears on your production floor. They’re the ones frequently operating all machinery and putting your safety practices to work. As a result, your workers may be more likely to notice possible safety concerns than you through first-hand experience. Encourage your workers to speak up and keep open communication with you and each other.
  • Explain why safety is important. Do more than train your workers on safety procedures—explain why they’re important. What could be the consequences of skipping steps in the safety process? Let them know what could happen and that you care to keep them safe.
  • Be persistent. Hold regular in-services to train all workers on new safety practices and refresh them on previous ones. Keep an eye on your production areas and ask your managers to do the same. Be persistent in demanding your workers follow all safety steps to a T.

Be a safety leader

Employee injuries can be avoided through proper safety precautions. It’s up to you to practice what you preach and be a shining example of safety in your workplace.

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