Are you on task with your work goals? Most employers will review your performance twice a year—annually and at mid-year—to assess the possibility for raises and promotions. However, as you work hard and grow within your company, be sure you’re on the right track. After all, it’s better to know ahead of time if you need to make positive changes, rather than find out after it’s too late. So what can you do to stay on schedule toward your performance goals?

Self-evaluate on a regular basis

It’s up to you to keep yourself on track. And you can do this through regular communication with your boss. To do this, try any of the following:

  • Send a weekly email of your progress. Let your boss know what you’re up to and how far along you are on tasks and projects. By checking in regularly, they will be up to speed on what you’re doing, how you’re progressing and what you’re accomplishing.
  • Request 1:1 meetings. If you’d like time in person, simply ask your boss for a 1:1 meeting. Then, come prepared with a list of your project status and any questions you may have that will help you do your very best.
  • Ask for review and feedback. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “This is where I am; what do you think of my work on this?” A simple question like this shows your manager you care about the quality of your work, as well as your efficiency. Are you getting enough accomplished? What could you do differently, or what more could you tack on? You need parameters by which to measure your performance. This is the best way to keep up the status quo (if you’re doing well) or kick it up a notch (if you could be doing better).
  • Stay in front of your boss. Keep up your communication all year long. There should be no question in your manager’s mind of how well you’re performing. This action helps you both out—you will know what you need to change to do well, and your boss will have a clear idea of your progress for a much easier time writing your performance reviews.

Don’t be caught by surprise

If you work all year thinking you’re doing well, only to find out you needed to adjust to do better, this will be upsetting during your annual performance review. So take control from the beginning and get ahead of your own progress. On the road of life, you’re in charge of your own career path!

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