When’s the last time you reviewed your resume? Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or you’re happily employed, it’s always a good idea to keep your resume up to date. You never know when your dream job may come knocking … so having your resume ready to go at a moment’s notice could mean the difference between getting hired, or being passed by. And if your resume could use some refreshing, follow these five resume tips from McGrath Systems.

Does your resume needs some tweaking or a full overhaul? No matter what the required level of revamping, you can add the wow factor to your resume with the following:

  1. Open with a summary of who you are and what you do. A recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t have much time to peruse a stack of resumes. So cut to the chase: after your header, open with a short section that sums you up in a few key phrases.
  2. Organize the most important information at the very beginning. After your opening, begin your job experience section. Start with your most current or most applicable job, and work down to your least current job. If any past jobs don’t apply to your current industry or the position you’re seeking, it’s best to leave them off your resume.
  3. Keep the layout simple and easy to scan. For each job experience you list, bold the title, hire dates and a short sentence about your key responsibility at the job. As a recruiter scans through your resume, their eyes will land on the bolded words that are most important. When you list job responsibilities and accomplishments under each past job, use bullets and short sentences.
  4. Add keywords for your specific industry. Many staffing agencies and employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan through resumes faster. The systems look for keywords to flag a candidate as a potential match for an open position. So for this reason, it’s smart to pepper your resume with buzzwords and key industry phrases. You can find this by reading through a few job descriptions (try or and borrowing words or phrases that seem to pop up a lot in job postings for your industry.
  5. Always, always, always proofread. Perfect grammar and spelling showcases your professionalism, so always proofread your resume backwards and forwards. Ask a close friend, family member or colleague to take a look as well.

It’s worth your effort

No one wants to scramble around at the last minute to get a resume together to apply for an exciting new job! So help yourself avoid future stress by keeping your resume ready to go.

Looking for a new job?

Once your resume is polished and sparkling, you might want to use it to apply for a new position. And if you’re in search of job opportunities, McGrath Systems can help. We place IT, engineering, light industrial, administrative and human resources applicants with jobs across the country. To learn more, contact us today!


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